40th Anniversary Open House

buildling wehr entranceSunday June 22 (1-4pm)

The event is FREE and open to the public. We welcome old friends and new to help us celebrate.  We will have activities and displays that highlight our past and hopes for the future.



Guided Family Nature Walks: 1:15, 2;45, 3:15 pm

Natural History of Wehr Nature Center, lead by Natural Areas Manager Mark Verhagen: 1:45 pm

Human History of Wehr Nature Center, lead by Naturalist Bev Bryant: 3:00 pm

Crafts & Activitieshistory National Park Service Foreman NC1110 (1)

Plaster Track Making – make a plaster cast out of an animal track

Caterpillar / Butterfly Rings – make a paper caterpillar / butterfly ring

Play Space Activities – preschool children playtime and activities in the outdoor play space

Animal Room – meet our live reptiles and amphibians

Retro Film Festival

history jnina lu 76

1:30 p.m. “Wehr Nature Center: A Place For All Seasons”- promotional video circa 1998.

2:15 p.m.-“Look Around In Spring” a Murl Deusing reel film from the 1970’s

3:30 p.m.- “The Lorax” the original 1970’s cartoon of the famous Dr. Seuss book


“Wehr In Action”, a multimedia presentation from the 1980’s using retro technology.

*Schedule is subject to change.