“Wow, I can see the lake from here!” Comments like this are frequent from first-time visitors at Wehr Nature Center. Bird feeders just outside the windows attract migrant and resident birds year round and colorful seasonal changes delight everyone – all from the comfort of the Fireplace and Gardner Rooms. Unfortunately, all 110 single-pane windows that grace the Visitor Center need to be replaced due to 39 years of weathering and woodpecker damage. The windows are not only highly inefficient but hazardous to birds crashing into their reflective surfaces.


The Friends of Wehr is leading a 2013 fundraising campaign to replace these degraded windows. Once most of the windows have been replaced, the County can begin replacing the severely deteriorated siding.  But the window replacement must happen first. Donate to help make the Wehr Visitor Center more efficient, attractive, and less of a hazard for birds.


We highly encourage donors to give whatever they can, from a few dollars up to an entire window. Small donations will be applied to our “It Takes A Community” windows.

Donation Amount Recognition
Entire Window Personal window sill plaque
At least one quarter of a window One line on a plaque
Donations $20-$250 Name in quarterly newsletter

How much does a window cost?

Windows cost anywhere from $875 to $2375, based on their size, location and construction requirements. If you have specific window or donation questions please call us at 414-425-8550.

Can you choose which window to donate?

Donors usually will be able to specify which window they would like to donate to. The windows have been prioritized by urgency of replacement.

Make a Donation, Make a Difference

Donate Online:

Donate by Mail:  download and print Window Donation Form

Donate by Phone:  call Wehr Nature Center at 414-425-8550

Donate in Person:  call to set up an appointment 414-425-8550


Stanek Windows Installed The Nature Center’s New Windows!

We Energies Foundation Donated To The Window Project in 2013.

We Energies Foundation Donated To The Window Project in 2013.