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The Buzz About Bees!

What animal is smaller than a pea, can travel 12 miles daily, and make one of the sweetest treats on the planet? The Honey Bee! This summer children will join our beekeeper to learn what all the buzz is about bees. Children will follow the scent floating on air to find a honeybee gold mine. Through costumes, role playing, and interactive activities, participants will experience a day in the life of a honey bee in its home hive. As in any family, communication is vital to getting all the chores done and keeping everyone in the family happy and healthy. Children will practice gathering pollen, caring for young, producing honey, guarding their fellow family members, and communicating through scent and dance. After finishing all their “chores”, everyone will taste a sweet treat compliments of the honey bee.

2018 Library Program Flyer

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  • Fee: $100 for 60 minute session
  • 60 children max. per session
  • Recommended for children ages 5-10

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