Moth Night

Friday, July 27, 2018, @ 8-10 pm (for Adults)MothNight_logo Final

Saturday, July 28, 2018 @ 8-10 pm (for Families) 

Moths are the night-time cousins of butterflies. Help us find out more about these misunderstood insects. We will participate in the National Moth Week Citizen Science survey and you can help. Learn how moths adapt to the dark and foil their predators, even bats.

Moths like it humid and dark, dress for the weather and mosquitos with long sleeves and bug spray, don’t forget your hat. We will bait trees, and visit an Ultraviolet light station to attract night-time wildlife, especially moths. Some flashlights will be provided. These fascinating insects are part of our lives. Find out about the biodiversity of moths and how they providing food for young birds and mammals throughout the growing season.

Fees: $12 for Non-Residents; $10 for Milwaukee County Residents; $7 for Friends of Wehr

$3.50 Regular parking fee in effect. FREE parking for FOW Members

Pre-registration required 2 days prior to program. Please call 414-425-8550 to register.

All about Moths:

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