Pop-Up Nature

Want to explore nature with your children but don’t know how to get started?  Stop in for a “pop-up” program with a nature expert to get your adventure on! There will be a naturalist led activity at each session from 1-1:30, followed by self-guided activities you can enjoy with your family at your own pace. We provide the tools and know how, you supply the curiosity. Each program has a different theme, so make plans to join us all year!

Fees: $5 per family

$3.50 Regular parking fee in effect. FREE parking for FOW Members 

No pre-registration is required.

Please contact the Access & Inclusion Coordinator to request accommodations. Call 414-425-8550 and ask for Emily or email the coordinator.


Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ 1-3 pm

Pop-in to learn about these amazing creatures of the night. Families can dissect one owl pellet per family, or purchase an additional pellet for $1.50.

Animal Clues

Sunday, February 18, 2018 @ 1-3 pm

Join a naturalist to learn how to look for animal clues, create an animal track notebook, and then go on a self-guided walk to look for tracks, signs, and scat!

Earth Day

Sunday, April 22, 1-3 pm

Learn how your family can be active stewards of our Earth home. There will games and crafts that teach how we can make a difference, and an Earth Day scavenger hunt along Wehr’s trails.


Monday, June 25, 1-3 pm

Buzz over to Wehr to learn about the pollinators that our world depends upon. Watch a bee keeping demonstration, play the pollination game, and go on a family pollinator hunt.

Water Explorers

Sunday, July 8, 1-3 pm

Enjoy a watery adventure at Wehr! Dip nets into Mallard Lake to look for critters, peer through microscopes, and learn about amazing aquatic animal adaptations.

Flower Power

Wednesday, July 18, 1-3 pm

Flowers aren’t just pretty! Dissect a flower with your family, learn why flowers come in so many colors and shapes, and take a family hike to see the amazing flower diversity of Wehr’s prairie.


Wednesday, August 8, 1-3 pm

Pop-in to Wehr to discover the secrets of the six-legged world. Dress up as an arthropod, touch some live insects, and head outside armed with bug boxes and bingo sheets for an insect safari.

Animal Migration

Sunday, September 30, 1-3 pm

Why do  geese fly south for winter? And how do they find their way without a GPS? We will explore the mysteries of animal migration with games and activities, and look for migrating birds and butterflies along Wehr’s trails.