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So Close…
Only $100 from each FOW member will put us over the top!

We appreciate a donation of $100 or any amount that is right for you!

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Twenty-five years ago, the Wehr Nature Center building changed dramatically. Through a generous donation from the Marilyn Gardner Estate, many other donors, and the hard work of the Friends of Wehr and the FOW Building Committee, Wehr’s too small Visitor Center was transformed. A large multi-purpose classroom was built at the west end of the existing building and the reception area and staff offices were renovated. The former lecture area became a Nature Store and Animal Room. A new volunteer area and library became a meeting nook and a large basement under the multipurpose room was dug facilitating much-needed storage space. Everyone was so excited with the new addition/renovation. It seemed so spacious. That was in 1992. Wehr has once again outgrown the facility and again needs to expand to meet the changing needs of its visitors.

Over the past five years, the Friends of Wehr and the many supporters of the Nature Center have worked to improve the building and initiate an ambitious Accessibility Project. Now it’s time to begin the largest and last phase of the FOW Accessibility Project, primarily the accessible restrooms. With the help of an extremely generous donation from long time volunteers, Ed and Connie Vidmar, the process began in 2017 to create plans and get all the required permissions to create accessible restrooms, as well as a new front entrance and expanded office space. The construction plans are currently being created. Once the plans are reviewed and approved by Milwaukee County Parks and the Friends of Wehr, construction bids can be requested.

Because restroom renovation will require shutting off water and closing the restrooms, the proposed plan will require closing the Visitor Center during a least-used time of year. Plans are for construction to take place in November and December of 2018.

It took a whole community working together to turn the first addition/renovation into reality. Likewise, recent upgrades of new windows, new amphitheater, and other parts of the Accessibility Project have taken the whole community working together. We now need the community to come together and help put our fund-raising efforts “over the top” so Wehr can grow to meet community needs once more. Because of your generous donations, past fund-raising events, and Park Amenity Match Funding, the goal is easily attainable. If every member of the Friends of Wehr could contribute just $100, we would reach our goal of $370,000. With other members of the community helping, we will exceed our goal and be able to add some of the extras like much needed improved lighting in the Fireplace Room and a new enclosure for an education owl. Please think of the FOW Accessibility Fund with your end of year donations.