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“I think that it’s just as important for grownups to see kids enjoying the outdoors as it is for kids to enjoy it.”

Holly, NITP naturalist, 2010

“The camps are fun, educational, and are a good value for the money.” 

Parent of a Nature  Snooper participant

“This program was one of the most well organized, fun-filled, creative, educational programs that my son and I have participated in.”

Parent of  Nature Snooper participant

“All of the Nature in the Parks programs have been of superior quality!  My boys love them.”

Parent of Pioneer Trails participant

“Because of the skills and confidence that he (our son) gained by going to the Nature in the Parks camps, he learned valuable skills that helped him to become a leader to other youth in our county.” 

Parent of  You Can Survive participant

“This class is above and beyond, thanks, we are really enjoying ourselves.”

Parent of Earth’s Little Friends participants

“Everything was amazing!  Thank you for your organization, time and effort!!”

Sue Brummer, Tonawanda School, 2012

“.. Really fun puppet show.  We learned so many things about the woods. Just the right 

balance! Story, art project and nature walk.”

Educator,  St. Jude’s, 2012

“This program was one of the most well organized, fun-filled, creative, educational programs  my students have participated in.”  I thought the exposure to nature, bugs, and animals in the park was great for my kids.  They need to learn to appreciate all things around them.”

MPS Victory School teacher

“Kids love digging for insects because they provide a unique type of hands on learning.”

Intern Katie

“Kids really benefit from the opportunity of collecting insects in their natural habitats and at times building them new habitats to see how they react.”

Katy,  Adventure Summer Intern 2012